Canberk Ulaş originates from Turkey, he is a master of the ancient and enchanting Duduk (estimated to be around 4000 years old). 

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory in 2019. He studied the duduk with the two great masters, Suren Asaduryan and Özcan Gül. Ulaş has been to Erkan Oğur‘s and Derya Türkan’s workshops, who are two prominent representatives of Anatolian music. During his master’s degree at the University of Agder, he has been studying with the prominent composer and producers of Norway, Jan Bang and Bugge Wesseltoft on the production and compositions of his solo project.

His unique style blends Turkish, Anatolian, Armenian and Ottoman musical heritages in a contemporary perspective. Canberk sensitively expands the boundaries of his instrument as he explores its melodic voice and its harmonic and rhythmic possibilities with his tasteful use of loops, extended techniques and digital effects.

Ulaş has contributed to various albums and music productions from all over the world with his duduk throughout his career. He composed music for quartet (duduk, piano, double bass, drums) and founded the band “Canberk Ulaş Quartet” in 2015. He released his album titled “Telafi” with this band in 2017. In addition to being a performer and instructor, his curiosity about the sound of the duduk led him to do experiments and make his own duduks by himself. After years of research and development, he has launched his own duduk brand to provide high quality duduks for his students and further duduk players.

Ulaş continues working on his music projects, giving concerts, making duduk tutorials on Youtube, teaching the duduk online and leading workshops worldwide.

He is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Photo by Yunus Emre Akar

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