Canberk Ulaş is a Turkish duduk (balaban) artist and musician.

He studied in Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory. He studied the duduk with Armenian master duduk player Suren Asaduryan and Turkish duduk player Özcan Gül. He joined in Erkan Oğur’s and Derya Türkan's workshops, who are two prominent representatives of Anatolian music.

It is possible to hear both Turkish and Armenian and also Ottoman Court Music makams, motives and patterns in his playing style.

He has contributed to many albums with his duduk up to the present. He founded the band “Canberk Ulaş Quartet” in 2015 and he released his first album titled “Telafi" with this band in 2017.

He still continues working on his projects and is giving concerts in different parts of the world.