Most frequent questions and answers

Duduk is an encouraging instrument; it is generally easier to get sound than the other woodwind instruments. But having a good timbre/sound and good intonation are the most difficult and most important things; however, of course, it is possible to achieve great sound and intonation with a good teacher, a good instrument, and a lot of patience, passion, and practice.

It is crucial to begin learning to play the Duduk with a good quality instrument. Because this is your first meeting with the Duduk; a good Duduk can make you brave to try and practice more, but a bad quality Duduk can make you feel disappointed and overwhelmed. Because if you didn’t experience a good instrument, you cannot understand what causes the problem; you may think that it is actually your fault that the sound is not clear and strong enough. As a result, you may give up your Duduk journey from the get go.

It depends on your diligence and motivation. Learning to play the Duduk is an endless journey; you will always learn something to master this beautiful instrument. Studying with a conductor is always faster and more efficient than self-learning.

There are different keys/sizes of the Duduk. Key of A has the most original Duduk sound and it is a middle-sized duduk, that is why the key of A is the most recommended Duduk to begin your journey with.

Yes. If your teacher is experienced in teaching online classes, it is definitely efficient as much as a lesson in person.

I make my Duduk bodies myself in my Duduk atelier for several years. I also work with various Duduk craftsmen from Turkey and Armenia to produce the best Duduk bodies and reeds.

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