new release

The New Solo Duduk Album is Out!

New Duo Collaboration

Productions Contributed By

Jan Bang - Reading The Air
Winter Sings
Jan Bang - Reading The Air
Marie Sahba - Orumiyeh
Ardie Son & Canberk Ulaş - Abide
Tomas Raae - With the Dim the Darkness Came
Haşmet Asilkan - Ninniler ve Sagular
Jaroslaw Niemiec - Do Nadareh ha
Antonio Alemanno Ensemble - Sea Stories
Michele Boni - Voodoo Dream
Tomas Raae - His Name is John
AKUT - 25. Yıl Şarkısı
The Haiku Project - Gratitude
Cankat Guenel - Lost City of the Sand
Cankat Günel- When the Sea
The Haiku Project - Life
Adile Yadırgı - Hemhal
Dövmenin Dili Documentary Soundtrack

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